Some call me Ginny. I have no preference. 

This is a little schpiel about my background. All the kids have websites these days.

I read Philosophy at the University of Bristol (UK) for a year upon completing GCSE's and A-Levels at Bedales School in Hampshire, England. Then, New York City called me back to the States, and I transferred to New York University's Gallatin School of Independent Study as a sophomore. Whilst enrolled at NYU, I interned for the United States Senate in D.C. (2012), The Colbert Report Final Season (2014) and the Advance Team at City Hall, the Office of the Mayor (2015). My focus at Gallatin was writing and acting. In the summer of 2015 I made a lifestyle upheaval, and landed in Los Angeles. Here, I have been studying in the Master Class of Martha Gehman. I have also studied writing with Jack Grapes and at UCLA Extension. I interned for Animals Magazine and have been aide to many painting, photography, and film projects. 

In 1993 I was born to a couple of young newlyweds in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1997 or so, we relocated to the D.C. area, after my little brother and sister were born. We roamed through various schools and houses, never quite settled, between D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Rhode Island. At 13, I demanded to be sent away to boarding school, preferably one overseas. We found Bedales School in the south England countryside, which was my stable space for four years as my family continued their nomadic lifestyle and my parents eventually parted, several times. I learned some wonderful, awful habits in the mud of the fields and in the streets of London. 

I now live in Los Angeles. I am primarily an actor and a writer. I am capable in other areas, but they seem to have slipped my mind.