From the Scape

V.Rand 05-30-18

This is no place for "who."
"Who" you are is nothing
more than mortal here. 
There is but flesh and blood,
electric connections
in your brain.
There are no rulers here
we find they make
selfish lovers anyway. 


Oh, your barriers!
Oh, your names and addresses!
Oh, your titles!
What good
will they do you
as you disintegrate
amidst the pressure of
the elements?

Fuck your perceived
which "separate" you -
your fences, the soles
of your shoes.
It's as if you think
you will not rot

Don't call me
by the name
which suits you.
I will visit your realm
of the "word"
but you cannot
keep me
with incantations.

You can't even see me.